L'attivita' professionale come musicista e' iniziata negli anni 70 con gli arti & mestieri, anche se gia' nei 60, a partire dall'eta' di 15 anni, con la mia prima band, "The Mystics" suonavo nelle sale, alternando la musica del momento al momento di "attrazione".

Ho realizzato diversi album solistici, oltre all'attivita' con gli arti & mestieri, essendomi specializzsato con CD per organo Hammond, Pianoforte e strumenti a tastiera.

Ho fatto molto lavoro per Radio, TV nazionale e
locali, per documentari, filmati industriali, realiizando musiche e sonorizzazioni vincendo 2 premi internazionali con i cartoni animati di Altan, "la Pimpa" e "Kamillo Kromo"

Ho costruito il mio studio di registrazione, Electromantic Synergy, la mia casa discograffica
Electromantic Music e la mia relativa Casa editrice.

La vita di un musicista, per forza di cose e' un lungo racconto. Io stesso sono sempre rimasto molto affascinato dal leggere la storia dei musicisti che ammiravo, gonuno con i suoi aneddoti, le sue imprevedibilita', le sue sincronicita', prima, durante e ...dopo la musica che ha realizzato.

So, humbly, I Iike the idea of writing down this short taled about my musical life, givin\\\\\\\' peculiar attention to curiosities and anecdotes, dedicating a chapter to each decade, till these days and with ...more chapters to follow.

thank you for your attention!
.. and If you\\\\\\\'d like t let me know your impressions, be free to write me an email!

Chapter one: The fifties

I was born in Turin, Italy, the first day of spring, in 1952.

(On the same day, on March 21, 1952, at the Cleveland Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, music history was made and a defining part of the future of music literally burst on the scene. This seminal event would become known as the FIRST ROCK AND ROLL SHOW.)

I\\\\\\\'ve always lived in S. Sebastiano da Po, a little village in Northern Italy, close to Turin, in a little hamlet called Colombaro, near the river Po.

I\\\\\\\'m a selftaught musicians, like my brother Arturo, a selftaught pianist, organist and accordionist, who just showed me one day the major and minor scales on hispiano, and from then .. I started playing, experimenting and studying, this order (sometimes in disorder I admit, but with a big desire, always present, that smoothed the angles of my \\\\\\\'not standard\\\\\\\' approach to music

At the end of World war 2 Arturo spent a lot of time playing for american soldiers at a camp, near our village, at Monteu da Po, in exchange for \\\\\\\' chocolat bars\\\\\\\'.
There he got a strong sense of rhythm and swing that coupled with his emotional approach to melody, like my fathers\\\\\\\' love for popular music, have had a certain influence in building my musical personality.

My father, Giovanni, was an artisan, a \\\\\\\'self-made\\\\\\\' man other than a selftaught violinist as well, and i think that I\\\\\\\'ve always his artisan attitude, infeeling \\\\\\\'yours\\\\\\\' what you\\\\\\\'re doing, with a strong intention towards reaching my goals, expecially when producing i have him in mind.

Both my father and my brother had played in the local fanfare called \\\\\\\' Banda a Feu\\\\\\\'.
during the war and after it till town 1956. The local Fanfare was the main attraction in a village at that time: it accompanied every phase of life enriching the emotional state of what was happening.

My mother, Jolanda, had a bar in our village and, together with her unlimited love, that was a main point in my musical beginnings.
I still remember the night in the bar, in which Domenico Modugno won the S. Remo\\\\\\\'s festival, with \\\\\\\"Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu\\\\\\\", also knwn as \\\\\\\'Volare, the most famous italian song of all time.
I was so impressed by the emotion he was experiencing, expecially when, after being proclaimed \\\\\\\'winner\\\\\\\' he performed again his song, at top of his happiness and I was also touched by how people reacted to the performance, in my mother\\\\\\\'s bar, full of people: these first collections of emotions contributed n defining in me the idea of becoming a musician, one day, I\\\\\\\'m sure!
This Modugno\\\\\\\'s song won also a Grammy the following year, in the States.

In 1958 in my parents\\\\\\\' new bar I found a great new friend: the AMI Juke box!
I was lucky because the person who supplied the records was a very competent one and he had all these beautiful esxciting records form England and the States.
At that time radio and Tv were focusing on italian traditional music and it wasn\\\\\\\'t easy to listen to what was happening around the world, but I had this chance.
My first juke box idol was Paul Anka: i listened to his \\\\\\\'Diana\\\\\\\' hundred of times and on week ends as i could\\\\\\\'nt stay alone at home, I stayed in the
Dancing Room where the orchestra an dometimes the juke box were playing;

Whem I was seven I could dance quite well rock and roll and all latin rhythms of the time, and I liked so much to dance but ..the youngest girls in the dancing room,were 15 or 16 teens and that thing they would like to do is to dance with a 7 years old \\\\\\\'little man\\\\\\\' my mother was giving them cakes to make them dance with me!

The action of the juke box, picking uo the record you choosed and turning it, putting it in the right place a few instant before the needle appears was a kind of ceremony that modern \\\\\\\'mp3? users should try sometimes.
...and when the music!... A piece of magic...! ( and the magic was including \\\\\\\'the rough wait\\\\\\\", the initial 2 secods of scratch before the music began!

The other thing that impressed me at first were the band evidently, in which several times my brother was playing and the instruments:
- the mike � in the afternoon, before the start of dancing I could try to sing in a real mike, even if not connected to any amplifier, substituting the \\\\\\\'virtual mike\\\\\\\' alias the glass that I was using before, , imitating Domenico Modugno, Paul Anka and later Elvis Presley,
- the illuminated drum � yes there were lights inside the drums and when the orchestra was playing slow rhythm, girls and boys were danning cheek to cheek, the only light in the room were these drum lights,

At that time I started also singin\\\\\\\' in the choir in the local church,
Singin\\\\\\\' Haydin\\\\\\\'s \\\\\\\'Tantum Ergo\\\\\\\', not knowing what I was saying like everyone else in the choir, but those melodies by great composers spoke by themselves. .. I Still remember all those words and... I stil don\\\\\\\'t know what i\\\\\\\'m saying!!!

In 1959 Rai choosed my parents\\\\\\\' bar and dancing room to demonstrate the \\\\\\\'beauty\\\\\\\' of this new \\\\\\\'thing\\\\\\\': the TV.
They came up with a big grey bus with TV monitors around, in place of the windows. They made a \\\\\\\"variety-show\\\\\\\", in my family\\\\\\\'s bar, my grandmother Gigin won a flat iron at the lottery they made but he highlight of the show was my brother performing with a top national accordionist in an accoordion duo, and
I was outside looking my brother on the bus TVs! Wow! what a show! Spectacular!

The fifties have been a very happy decade, I had a wonderful family, livin in a quiet and serene, where the echoes of the last war were still presents, but positiely pushed people at searchin for harmony, peace, \\\\\\\"living the village\\\\\\\" as a community towards building a better today amd tomorrow., and rock and roll was shaking and movin this Fresh new air.

See you soon, my friend